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Yacht Repairs
& Maintenance

What We Specialise In

01. Hydraulics
  • Servicing, Repair and Modification of Hydraulic Systems
  • Supply and Replacement of Hydraulic Hoses
  • Check and Repair of all kinds of Pumps and Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Oil System Optimisation
02. Mechanical Work
  • Assembling and Dismantling of Spares
  • Manufacture and Fitting of Spares
  • Boring while on Site (portable machine)
03. Electrical Work
  • Replacement of all kinds of Electrical Installations
  • Repair of Electrical Junction Boxes
  • Supply and Checking of new Electric Motors
  • Technical Assistance
04. Load Tests
  • From 100 kg to 50 tons
  • Static and Dynamic Load Tests in accordance with Classification Societies Recommendations
05. Inspections
  • Chain Measurement
  • URZ 24 Regulation on Access Equipment
  • Div 214 Inspection of Lifting Gear
  • IMO SOLAS MSC 1331 Inspection of Accommodation Ladders and Gangways
06. Spare Parts
  • Pumps, Distributors, Flexible hoses, Connections, Hydraulic motors
  • Accumulators, Oil filters, Oil, Seal kits, Bearings
  • Wire ropes, Halyards, Slings, Shackles, Turnbuckles, Sheaves, Pulleys…
  • Electric motors, Limit switches
  • Rubber gaskets, Quick acting cleats

What We Work On

Yacht Repairs<br> <span>& Maintenance</span>
Access Equipment
Yacht Repairs<br> <span>& Maintenance</span>
Deck Equipment
Yacht Repairs<br> <span>& Maintenance</span>
Propulsion Equipment
Yacht Repairs<br> <span>& Maintenance</span>
Lifting Equipment

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